About Us


We love making people happy! … like, really happy :) … we also love spreading joy … and really, we love creating beauty & above all else, having fun!

Initially opening Von Walter & Funk in 2015 as a lifestyle boutique with our hands on some interior design projects on the side, we found ourselves unsatisfied & not quite finding our voice yet - we were searching for an element for the shop that transcended our love of unique & fun accessories & decor, but fulfilled our love of design, pushing our creative boundaries & continually transforming our surroundings in thoughtful & creative ways.

Our design approach has always been simple: To work with what we have - to accentuate & embellish an existing space or feature with our own interpretation of how that space will benefit most from an installation or reimagining; from making subtle, but unique changes, playing with color, depth & spatial nuances, to understanding & thinking about light, texture & overall functionality & intelligence.

In the very beginning, one summer afternoon we created an installation for the shop, just for fun. By the end of the week, we had our first installation & funk|BALLOON came to be! We hope to celebrate with you soon!